Case Study: TIE Industrial

Trinity Insight A/B tested a quote request form for TIE Industrial


A/B Quote Request Test

TIE Industrial

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: La Vergne, TN

Size: 12,000 employees

Trinity Insight performed an A/B test on a quote request form, with a goal of increasing submission rate through an optimized form.


Low Quote Form Submission Rate
TIE Industrial communicated to Trinity Insight upon engagement that while overall lead generation is important, the primary focus in A/B testing should be on quote form submissions. An initial evaluation determined that addressing the form itself would be the most logical place to start. The quote form within the control suffered from a number of elements which contributed to an overall cluttered presentation. TIE Industrial needed an updated presentation that would eliminate anxiety and remove barriers to submission.

Approach & Solution

A Re-Imagined Quote Form Design
The first step in decluttering the original form was to work with the TIE team to determine which fields could potentially be consolidated or removed. Trinity Insight was then able to propose presenting the user with only six fields rather than eight. Additionally, the design team elected to move field copy in-line, further stripping down the volume of overall elements in the form. These fields were then re-ordered according to a logical hierarchy of importance that would be intuitive for users. Those combined updates addressed what were hypothesized to be the main sources of initial anxiety upon viewing the quote form. The Trinity Team then went about restyling the form to a more modern presentation. Brand colors were used to help increase clarity around the form heading and the submission call to action button. Overall, the test variation was believed to provide potential customers with a streamlined path to submitting a quote.


Increase in Submission Rate

Simplification of presentation resulted in a lift in form submission.

Reduced Anxiety for Users

Our previous research and experience led us to believe that a simplified form would reduce anxiety for users, and that updated styling would increase clarity as well. Test results support that hypothesis, as the variation consistently showed a higher Submission Rate for the majority of the test. Based on this data, the TIE Industrial team chose to implement the variation.



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About TIE Industrial

TIE Industrial
As a leading provider of parts and repairs for CNC industrial automation systems for the major brands, TIE’s goal is to deliver machine uptime for clients and provide a 1-stop shop for all of their industrial automation needs.

Trinity Insight and Sure Fit have partnered over the last 5 years, helping us better understand our customers and improve their experience on our site. Their group of dedicated analysts, designers, and engineers have been agile and responsive to our team’s needs, and have always been willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for us. We value our relationship as an extension of our team and look forward to continuing growing our business together.

Brian Bart


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