Our Campus Market

Our Campus Market is the premier website for college students and families. Whether you are preparing for college or staying in contact across the country, OCM is ready with university-approved merchandise for campus living, gifting and special campus occasions including move-in, graduation and more.



Increase Transactions and Revenue within Our Campus Market’s KPI expectations and grow the marketing footprint against that percentage.


  • Cut back on low performing, high spend broad keywords.
  • We then restructured the campaigns to center on individual product groups, allowing us to present users with the most pertinent landing page, and eliminate unnecessary steps between site entrance and purchase.
  • Rotated new ad copy, and mixing and matching new ad extensions, we were able to increase our quality scores.
  • Put a strong focus on optimizing the product data feed and established segments in the Shopping Campaigns, shifting focus to product-level searches allowing us to refine the queries the products would match to.
  • Introduced remarketing audiences at an AdGroup level to ensure that we were retaining our visitors at all costs.

How Improvement was Achieved

From the first day of our partnership we took the required time to validate the tracking and data that performance was being measured against. Once we were confident in the data that was being collected, we began researching the customer journeys, from ad click to conversion or abandonment. By understanding the progressions related to search queries, ad clicks, and landing pages we were able to build a detailed strategy of execution for improving performance.

Search CampaignShopping Campaign
Impressions101% Increase139% Increase
Clicks42% Increase132% Increase
Average CPC27% Decrease25% Decrease
Transactions13% Increase94% Increase
Revenue16% Increase108% Increase
ROAS20% Increase21% Increase

Trinity’s ability to use data to drive results has been extremely beneficial to us. Their approach, which they tailored to us, not only drove positive growth in revenue, but also increased campaign efficiency. This all resulted in a very solid ROI. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase, or even maintain, their digital footprint.

Larry Cooper

VP, Digital Marketing | Our Campus Market