Success Stories

Equipping our partners in meeting their goals since 2006.


Service & Replacement Company

A/B header test leads to a 16.7% revenue increase


TIE Industrial

Industrial Company

A/B testing solution drives a 28.14% increase in form submission


Elk Springs Resort

Tourism & Hospitality

Migrating partner to an extensive email marketing solution creates a cohesive brand experience and messaging from site to inbox


Leading Service Company

Service & Replacement Company

A/B testing solution drives a 9.32% lift in open rate


Leading Finance Company

Home Improvement Financing

Universal data hub drives a 26.9% lift in lead attribution and a 100% increase in email conversions.

Di Bruno Bros Cheese

BigCommerce Support

Di Bruno Bros.

Specialty Food Retailer

Multiship integration and framework update leads to a 44% revenue increase.



Wine Gifts

Strategic SEO plan during site migration results in 60% organic revenue increase.

User Experience

Paul Evans NY

Luxury Men's Footwear

Inventory Urgency Experiment = 11.61% increase in Conversion rate.

User Experience


Lingerie & Shapewear

Mobile Add to Cart Interaction test = 7% conversion rate increase

User Experience


Auto Parts Distribution

Homepage Redesign Test = 7% decrease in bounce rate

User Experience


Furniture Covers & Accessories

Mobile Category / Search test = 4% lift in progression rate

Paid Marketing

Our Campus Market

University-approved Merchandise

Increase transactions and revenue in both search & shopping campaigns

User Experience

Footwear etc.

Fashionable Comfort Footwear

Product Detail Page Buy Box test = 14% lift in conversion rate

Paid Marketing

Footwear Retailer

Online Footwear Retailer

41% lift in Return on Ad Spend

User Experience

Ski Equipment & Education

Checkout Header Test = 17.23% lift in checkout completion.

User Experience

Schneider's Saddlery

Equestrian Supplies

3.5% increase in progression rate from the cart page to checkout

User Experience

Smiley Cookie

Gourmet Cookies

41% increase in average order value

User Experience

Pinnacle Promotions

Personalized Promotions

Learn how Trinity drove 150% growth in progression rate from the product page

“Working with the team at Trinity Insight has been great. They are prompt to respond to my (many) requests and produce excellent work. They have been exceptionally helpful in helping create and implement new features for my Shopify website. I plan on using them indefinitely.”


Evan Fript

Paul Evans NY | Co-Founder

Jeff Dunn

Polynesian Cultural Center | Director, Digital Commerce & Online Marketing

“Trinity Insight’s expertise in user experience testing and data analysis was invaluable to the business leading up to the launch of our redesign. We were able to conduct several live A/B tests based on new concepts long before the official launch and make adjustments as needed. The data collected gave us confidence in our redesign changes that we wouldn’t have had otherwise and helped us mitigate risks that come with a large scale site redesign.”

Ashley DiPaul

Earth Engineering, Inc | HR Manager

“It was great working with Trinity Insight. They were incredibly responsive to our needs and showed true professionalism during every step of our Google Analytics implementation. Thanks to Trinity Insight, we are now able to accurately track our website visitors and their behaviors, which helps us better understand the ever-changing needs of our clients.”

Rob Bonczkiewicz

eCommerce Manager | Becker’s School Supplies

“While conducting data analysis in Google Analytics, Trinity Insight discovered a discrepancy in our conversion data amongst different browsers. That data discrepancy led them to diagnose and recommend a solution to fix a broken experience within our shopping cart functionality. Working with a team like Trinity gives us confidence in our data as we move forward optimizing our customer’s experiences.”

Evan Fript

Paul Evans NY | Co-Founder

“Working with the team at Trinity Insight has been great. They are prompt to respond to my (many) requests and produce excellent work. They have been exceptionally helpful in helping create and implement new features for my Shopify website. I plan on using them indefinitely!”

Sebastian Gonzalez M.

Leonisa | Web Marketing Manager

“This test has provided our team with valuable learnings to further improve our customer experience. By eliminating the add to cart modal in this test we created a faster conversion flow that allows the user to see the cart page and checkout options sooner. We were pleased with the simplicity of executing this test as it allows us to be more agile with numerous experimentation ideas.”

Jim Brannen

Buy Auto Parts | VP of Ecommerce

“At, we consider Trinity Insight an extension of our own marketing team. Trinity is a valued partner, and everyone on the team has been a pleasure to work with. Together, we’ve executed dozens of well crafted, data driven tests, focusing on conversion rate optimization, and user experience. From conception and design to analysis and implementation, Trinity has been responsive, and professional. The results we’ve achieved speak for themselves.”

Brian Barth

Sure Fit | eCommerce Strategist

“Trinity Insight and Sure Fit have partnered over the last 5 years, helping us better understand our customers and improve their experience on our site. Their group of dedicated analysts, designers, and engineers have been agile and responsive to our team’s needs, and have always been willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for us. We value our relationship as an extension of our team and look forward to continuing growing our business together.”

Larry Cooper

VP, Digital Marketing | Our Campus Market

“Trinity’s ability to use data to drive results has been extremely beneficial to us. Their approach, which they tailored to us, not only drove positive growth in revenue, but also increased campaign efficiency. This all resulted in a very solid ROI. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase, or even maintain, their digital footprint.”

Brad Pecot

“When originally partnering with Trinity Insight, the needs of were unique in that as an e-commerce company from inception, we already had a lot of knowledge in the Internet Marketing and e-commerce fields, but needed a strong partner for content generation and keeping us informed of changing industry trends. Rather than provide with cookie-cutter services, Trinity Insight understood our precise needs and provides only what helps us get better. They continuously recommend new and important ideas that can benefit us and aren’t shy to remind us when we get behind on implementing these changes. The world of search marketing and content generation is constantly changing and it’s reassuring to know that we have a team of experts that consistently keep us abreast of all of the changes that can affect our business. And they’ve become good friends along the way. You simply can’t say that about a lot of companies!”

Ryan Hayes

Paul Fredrick

“Trinity has been a great asset to our SEO efforts. Their team has been thorough and thoughtful in the guidance they have given and are quick to adapt to the changing needs of our business.”

Lisa Luskin

J.G. Wentworth

“The Trinity team knows SEO inside and out, and is a fantastic partner for J.G. Wentworth. Working together we have improved our organic rankings, increased our conversion rates and continuously added new content to our blog in order to keep it fresh. They have a strong pulse on the ever changing landscape of SEO and our best interest in mind always.”

Wilson Altidor

Paul Fredrick

“Trinity delivers. Simple as that. Quick and efficient in their reporting while supplying well thought out documents to help you succeed. We view Trinity as a valuable partner and irreplaceable extension of ourselves. Looking forward to furthering our work to reach our collective vision.”

Evan Fript

Paul Evans NY

“The Trinity team has been exceptionally helpful in helping create and implement new features for my website. I plan on using them indefinitely!”

Dan Lavelle

J.G. Wentworth

“The Trinity team is top-notch, especially Steve and Jason. They always provide valuable insight and truly have their finger on the pulse of our business. We ask a lot of them and they consistently deliver. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.”

Danielle Patterson

Director of eCommerce, Footwear etc.

“Trinity Insight and Footwear etc. have had an incredible partnership for many years. Our team at Trinity is extremely dedicated to our account and always communicate in a very quick and knowledgable manner. Because of Trinity’s A/B testing for user experience on our site, we have seen higher conversion rates than ever before. If we experience any issues during or even after testing, they are immediately on top of it and develop a fix fast. I highly recommend Trinity Insight.”

Jamie Keaney

DICK'S Sporting Goods / Sr. Manager of Performance Marketing & SEO

“Trinity provided the technical SEO expertise we needed to immediately improve our Website. The account team was both knowledgeable and responsive and helped us greatly in navigating through a platform migration.”

Grant Eckert

The J.G. Wentworth Company / Vice President, Marketing

“As part of their best-in-class approach to SEO, their initial audit uncovered a host of opportunities within SEO. Thereafter, the team had developed a roadmap for long-term, sustainable growth of our organic search presence.”

Sean Sutherland

Senior VP Global eBusiness, Flight Centre Corporation & Liberty Travel

“We have worked with Trinity for a number of years with our other brands and after our acquisition of Liberty Travel, chose them to assist again. The SEO results have well exceeded our expectations and resulted in a dramatic increase of traffic to our site while maintaining a similar paid search budget.”

Michael Epps Utley

Director of Marketing,

“Trinity Insight helped us get our SEO program off the ground fast. We saw key, desired search terms go from second or third page to second or third natural search result. This momentum brought our performance on non-branded terms into alignment with our place in the online magazine subscription business. Also, Craig and his staff have been great to work with – the monthly actions and reporting make it feel like the SEO group is an extension of our marketing team.”

Ben Kirshner

President, Coffee for Less

“Trinity Insight has helped Coffee for Less increase natural search visibility and obtain key placements within our category. We have seen both branded terms and generic terms realize great improvements, and our SEO performance has increased 90% on an annualized basis. I recommend Trinity Insight to any retailer that is looking to jumpstart improvements to their natural search efforts and improve their online profitability.”

Bill Garnsey

eCommerce Director, The Ansel Adams Gallery

“Trinity has done a great job at helping us understand the dynamics of our traffic and increasing our conversion rate. They have led us through the planning and implementation of multivariate and ab tests and have helped strategize and execute our email marketing campaigns. I would definitely recommend Trinity to any retailer looking to drive incremental sales.”

David Kaplan

VP of Marketing, Tafford

“Trinity Insight has done an excellent job in boosting our natural search engine optimization. When we began working with Trinity, we were nowhere to be found on our top search terms across most of the major search engines. After just a few months, we are on the first page for our most critical terms, and have cracked Google’s top 3 for several terms.”

Eric Shannon

Internet Marketing Director, Get Organized

“Trinity has spearheaded several projects for Get Organized that have resulted in immediate and significant gains. Trinity was essential in creating and implementing a new checkout process, conducted a usability test which provided some real eye-popping information, and helped structure our email marketing campaigns. Also, Trinity is very easy to communicate with and have always responded to emails and phone calls in a very timely fashion.”

Rick Spano

President, ShopRate

“Trinity has truly been a blessing for ShopRate. Talk about striving to do the very best on a daily basis. Their analysts are extremely smart and aggressive marketers. Craig and his team are professional and accountable. These guys have all the online bases covered and we look forward to growing a lucrative business with Trinity by our side.”

Andy Lane

Founder, Lane Labs

“Web marketing is a bit of a “black hole.” The rules are very different than with traditional media. We worked with two large companies on SEO ranking before Trinity Insight. One created dummy web pages and employed tricks without our knowledge or permission. It was horrible. Craig and his team actually understand the basis of SEO. Trinity is professional, innovative and meets its deadlines.”

Craig Gillan

eCommerce Director, Charlotte Russe

“Trinity Insight executed usability work for Charlotte Russe that uncovered some interesting opportunities and potential site enhancements. We were able to get real customer feedback in a mechanism that was cost effective and rapid. I definitely recommend Trinity for retailers who are looking to improve their customer experience and drive improved conversion rates.”

Angie Wierman

Digital/Direct Marketing Manager, Hallmark Business Connections

“Trinity Insight is an excellent partner with us. We came to Trinity because we were seeing a downturn in conversions and knew we needed help to determine the cause(s). They analyzed our site and executed multivariate testing to identify areas of improvement. The team is professional, organized and knowledgeable. This is a smart group of guys working on our team! Even when we have experienced issues with our testing the team stopped everything and jumped right into problem solving mode. We are thrilled with their responsiveness. I would definitely recommend Trinity Insight to any retailer interested in optimizing their e-commerce site.”

Mike Baranov

eCommerce Director, Footwear etc.

“Footwear etc. has seen awesome SEO results in working with Trinity. Since the start of the engagement, natural search traffic has increased 98% and Google organic traffic has increased 88%. This has helped us tremendously in growing our digital channel and we look forward to continued success with the campaign.”