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Data maturity is the level of complexity and capability of your current data ecosystem. Each of your platforms, technologies, and databases contains a wealth of knowledge about your customer, but they’re disparate. Trinity works to enable sharing, data unification, and activation of that data between all your systems, and eventually with a centralized hub.

Level 1
Systems Exist Independently
Level 2
Systems are Adjacently Connected
Level 3
Systems are Adjacently Connected with a Centralized Data Platform

What We Do

As a full-suite data analytics team, we provide analytics consulting, data unification, and integration services.

Level 1

Data Maturity Assessment & Analytics Audit

Package Includes

Full Scale Analytics Audit
Analysts and engineers conduct a manual, 141 point audit of your analytics implementation.

Opportunity Identification
Highlights the risks of unresolved issues and prioritizes recommendations and solutions.

Improvement Roadmap
Delivers basic instructions for solutions and provides additional information delivered to your engineers.*

*Optional: Trinity Insight engineer implementation estimates are available.

Level 2

Data Integration Services

Package Includes

Omnichannel Marketing
Reach the right customer, at the right time, in the right place.

Solutions Plan
Planning to integrate data systems to support your integrated marketing strategy.

Data Integration & Unification
Connecting priority systems required to support your new integrated marketing strategy.

Level 3

Universal Data Hub Implementation

Package Includes

Levels 1&2 +

Data Systems Audit

Data Definition

Data Hub Implementation

Standardize Data Collection

Activate Marketing Scenarios

Unified Reporting & Dashboards

FREE Data Maturity Assessment

How accurate are your data and analytics, really? Take our FREE, five minute assessment for insight into the capabilities of your current data ecosystem.

Partners & Services is a Trinity Insight service that provides hundreds of e-commerce insights across performance metrics, product sales, customers, and cost of goods sold. Instantly measure metrics like customer lifetime value, gross margin, and net profit. It’s time for a smarter view of your customer. Get started today!

“It was great working with Trinity Insight. They were incredibly responsive to our needs and showed true professionalism during every step of our Google Analytics Implementation. Thanks to Trinity Insight, we are now able to accurately track our website visitors and their behaviors, which helps us better understand the ever-changing needs of our clients.”

Ashley DiPaul

HR Manager | Earth Engineering, Inc.

Industry Leading Finance Company

Universal data hub drives a 26.9% lift in lead attribution and a 100% increase in email conversions.

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