Target Rolls Out New Mobile Applications For The Holidays

Target Focuses On Their Mobile Shopping Experience

In an effort to capture additional holiday sales, Target updated their existing mobile applications and launched a standalone companion app for their pharmacy. The retail giant hopes to continue it’s mobile growth, particularly among Millennials.

Jason Goldberger, the senior VP of said that nearly 2/3 of existing traffic comes from their mobile platforms, and that number is rapidly increasing. Target’s updated apps come as the company begins the holiday sales push.

An Updated Mobile Experience

When a user uploads images of an outfit to Instagram using the tag #TargetStyle, the company could ask them for permission to use it on their website, where other consumers will be provided with links to the items featured and a newly revamped checkout process. The hashtag is used approximately 2,000 times a week and Target utilizes 30% of those images on their website.

The company’s popular gift registry program is also being launched on the mobile site, allowing consumers to register for their own lists or purchase items off of their friends registry, which should appeal to tech-savvy clients looking to get married or if they’re expecting children.

A New Pharmacy Application

Target is also launching a new app for their in-store pharmacy, allowing customers to request refills for existing prescriptions, transfer existing scripts, and let them know when their medication is ready to be picked up. The application will also provide notifications to the clients phone, reminding them when to take their next dosage.

As an added incentive, after someone refills at least five prescriptions through the app, Target will give them a coupon good for a 5% discount to use in the store on their entire order.

Pulling Customers Back Into The Store

Unlike other retailers who are trying to fight the trend towards digital shopping, Target is embracing it. The company hopes that the convenience afforded by their traditional stores, complimented by a robust online presence, will help them remain relevant to consumers who might otherwise turn to Amazon or other online retailers for their holiday shopping.

“Mobile is the front door of Target,” Mr Goldberger said. “We are very much leading with mobile.”