Tablet Shoppers use Mobile for Research, Purchase In-Store

Although tablet sales will see only an 11% increase in year-over-year growth in 2014, retailers can still bank on 229 million tablet devices being sold worldwide this year. And according to a new study from Chadwick Martin Bailey, if those brick and mortar stores offering tablets aren’t yet catering to mobile shoppers, they’d better start. The market research and consulting firm surveyed customers ages 18 and up in their study “The Tablet Path to Purchase: The Mobile, Social and Online Journey“, and found that 66% of tablet shoppers use mobile devices at some point throughout their buying cycle.

Nowadays, consumers are known to check price comparisons, reviews and product information via mobile while shopping; however, these mobile, social and online factors influence tablet shoppers at different stages in their purchase journey. Only 8% of buyers complete their tablet purchase through mobile, which means an overwhelming majority of buyers are headed in store to fulfill their order.


So, how might retailers leverage their customer interactions and online offerings to entice potential customers?

  • Make helpful user reviews and comments readily available. On the whole, consumers give more weight to reviews from their peers than to reviews provided by technology experts. You can bet that those customers doing research on their mobile devices are utilizing your site as well as third-party domains to read about users’ thoughts on the product’s design and performance. Help those shoppers along by making it easy to locate reviews on your website or mobile app so that they won’t feel the need to leave your page. According to the technical SEO professionals from Glasgow ” Most people base their purchase on both the review of the store from where they are buying and the review of the product which they find on the first page of their search engine.” Hence, the more information about a place online will only help you and other people make a better decision while buying a product.If your online store is lacking in reviews, you might consider how to entice customers to share their opinions publicly after making a purchase.
  • Ensure sales associates can speak knowledgeably and comfortably about a range of products. According to CMB, 25% of all tablet shoppers will seek information or advice from a sales representative throughout their purchase journey. Whether they connect in person, online or over the phone, it’s important that their interaction prove to be courteous and insightful, as this H2H correspondence will heavily weigh into the individual’s overall feelings about the retailer; especially when it comes to value and trustworthiness.
  • Optimize your website for mobile shopping and intuitive navigation. A minimal 13% of consumers use mobile apps in-store while tablet shopping, and only 12% will turn to your social media channels for guidance. Those visitors who use their mobile devices during the purchase journey are using good, old-fashioned web browsing to compare prices, check online reviews and read up on special features and sales. It is of utmost importance that your website be optimized for mobile use and display enough information for customers to shop with confidence, while retaining a clean design that’s easy to navigate and explore.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of in-store experiences. As mentioned earlier, over 90% of all customers will buy their tablets in-store vs. online. While most of their research and evaluations may be done beforehand, that doesn’t mean your visitors shouldn’t be wowed by a sensational in-store experience topped with excellent customer service. VP of Tech Practice at CMB, Chris Neal believes that “Tablet shoppers are indeed quite commonly show-rooming when they are in physical retail stores browsing for tablets, and … this is a behavior that will only increase in the future” – so ensure that every tablet shopper who enters your storefront is provided with the data, intelligence and variety of products he or she needs to make an informed purchase.



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