It Pays to Personalize Push Notifications

For some they may be a burden, for others they’re life-blood — but regardless of your stance, it’s hard to argue against the pervasiveness of push notifications. Whether you have an iPhone or another kind of smartphone, chances are you’re all-too familiar with push notifications. From everyday news updates and app upgrades to minute-by-minute social updates and emails, these automatic alerts strive to keep us socially relevant and acutely aware.

This in mind, it’s no surprise that companies and brands started using push notifications as a marketing tool. Sure, you can turn the alerts off, but sometimes it’s easier to just try and ignore them. But, after all, who can deny that little buzz that comes with receiving a new text message, even if it is just a Candy Crush update?

The answer: no one. In fact, when brands personalize their notifications — turning them into a kind of friendly text message — the results are overwhelmingly positive. In a study done by the Aberdeen Group, researchers found that sending personalized push notifications (based on the consumer’s past interactions with the app and his/her location) conversion rates jumped 8.8% year-over-year.

Of the 162 companies surveyed, Aberdeen Group found that 60% have optimized their web site for mobile users. Similarly, they found that there’s been an increase in brands who’ve adopted push notifications in the past year. As mobile marketing grows and brands learn how to hone the mobile user experience, it will be interesting to watch the development of push notification marketing.

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