More mobile shoppers but slower sites prevail

Photo Courtesy of PC World

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone like a couple of loose bandits. But that doesn’t mean the holiday shopping season is over – not in the least. Shoppers will continue to buy, buy, buy in the weeks (and days) leading up to the Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations, which means retailers and brands must be prepared if they want to take full advantage of the big season. But at first glance, websites are not becoming faster in wake of the increased demand on servers.More mobile

Managing A “Fatter” Mobile Website

As mobile sites have become more data-heavy since last year, slower loading speeds have become inevitable. In short, many sites have gotten “fatter,” according to Chantal Tode of Mobile Commerce Daily. In fact, the web performance monitoring service, Catchpoint, says that 50 of the top overall mobile ecommerce sites are fatter than they were in 2013. To quantify this for you: 2013 loading speeds were a mere 1.879 seconds, compared to slower speeds of nearly three seconds (2.954) this year.

So what does this mean for your mobile site?

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint, says, “Always stay as slim as possible – especially on mobile – proper capacity planning, and be aware of what third parties you’re hosting and their performance limitations.”

Advance Preparation is Essential

This should come as no surprise. In order to deal with the hordes of holiday shoppers, like a brick-and-mortar store, all aspects of your mobile site must be ready to take them on. This means perfecting the site’s infrastructure, identifying traffic patterns and potential problems with third parties, among other aspects. Otherwise, you may experience outages and/or a full-on shutdown — like such giant brands as J. Crew, Gamestop and Neiman Marcus saw.

Take these tips as the holidays wear on, and keep your mobile site up and converting.