Google Wallet and Papa John’s: A Perfect Match

Papa John's Mobile App

Thanks to Google Wallet, it’s now easier than ever to impulsively buy Papa John’s pizza. Great, just what our waistlines needed.

Papa John’s has reached an important miles stone and officially has over 50% of their sales come through mobile or digital channels-the first in their industry to do so. However, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to the brand as they’ve always been ahead of the curve and were also the first pizza delivery chain to integrate a digital ordering system in 2001.The integration of Google Wallet into their ordering process seems like a natural progression for the company.

Tim Hajirakar, director of business development at app software development company, Atmi, says “Google Wallet will help Papa John enhance purchasing experience with quicker checkouts, increase sales via gift card integration, and engage consumers by showcasing their loyalty program with Google Wallet.”

The Integration

Currently, the Papa John’s app is only available on Android phones, so utilizing the new Google Wallet over the more common Apple Pay was an obvious choice. Customers who wish to place an order using their Google Wallet account just have to tap the “Buy with Google” button that can be seen during the checkout process.

Google Wallet allows Papa John’s to have a two-click checkout, and saves users time by not having to manually put in their payment information. They also believe that this will help combat mobile shopping cart abandonment, since users won’t be frustrated with having to enter a bunch of numbers or wasting time.

Since Papa John’s adoption of Google Wallet Instant Buy will make the ordering process even easier, it’s likely to help drive impulse buys for those that at the last minute decide that they want pizza delivery service and may not have cash on hand. This streamlined process may pull Papa John’s mobile sales to even higher numbers.


Since their launch of mobile ordering via text message in 2007 and introducing the Papa Rewards program in 2010, Papa John’s has been steadily building up a loyal fan base. Papa Rewards was the first rewards service to offer gift cards that were redeemable on a mobile device, and in 2014 topped out the Bond Brand Loyalty’s 2014 annual loyalty survey, beating even Starbucks’ loyalty program. For every $5 customers spend, they’re awarded 1 point, and will be eligible to receive a free large pizza after 25 points have been earned.

The enhancement of their mobile ordering services not only helps customers have a more convenient experience, but it also helps out employees. The technology places more focus on the quality of orders and puts customer satisfaction first.