The Mobile Commerce Landscape: Staples Expands

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Sure, Amazon has led the way toward the ideal online ‘mall’, but they’re not the only brand blazing the trail. Recently, Staples has rolled out a new mobile and ecommerce platform that takes a note right from Amazon’s expansive playbook. With the steady growth of m-commerce, the B2B and B2C office supply and electronics company saw an opportunity to provide their customers with an unmatched online shopping experience. One with greater offerings and more convenient, personalized services — an Amazon-like endless aisle approach. The new system is called Staples Exchange. Now, let’s go over what it means for Staples customers and the company itself.

The Staples Consumer

The opportunities provided the Staples customer are pretty clear. By showcasing outside vendors, Staples offers their e-commerce consumers with greater product inventories and more specialized services. For instance, like many Amazon goods, your items will ship directly from the vendor, not Staples. This means means enhanced order tracking.

And because these highly-screened, Staples-trusted vendors gain access to the brands’ name, user interface and all of its e-commerce channels, you’re guaranteed a wide assortment of quality goods that would most likely be overlooked otherwise.

The Staples Brand

Not only is the move beneficial to customer satisfaction, the Staples Exchange program shows that the brand has a clear incentive to stay relevant and in-touch with its customer base. In fact, the new mobile platform comes hot on the heels of the brand’s recently-released iPad app, which shows consumers up-to-the-minute inventory statuses, features streamlined purchasing capabilities and more.

Staples knows that they’re catering to many B2B and B2C clients that don’t necessarily have time, or the desire, to wait until they get to desktop to place an order. To this point, Faisal Masud, executive vice president of global ecommerce at Staples, said, “[Both projects] were created with the goal of giving time back to business owners, their most precious resource.”

All in all, the results seem to be remarkable for Staples because they can also offer a larger assortment of goods without sacrificing too much overhead. I wouldn’t be surprised if more online retailers — with a hold on their niche and the clout to do so — started instituting Amazon’s endless aisle method.

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