Staples Campaign Connects Search with In-Store Purchases

Only seriously adapting to the mobile game in 2012, Staples Canada spent three months tracking the online and offline results of a digital coupon campaign that had an outstanding effect on the chain’s ROI. Using the digital coupon and promotions platform RevTrax, Staples offered consumers $10 off orders of $30 or more at its Copy & Printer center. This coupon could be printed, accessed as a code or displayed as a mobile landing page, and the redeemed data was filtered to RevTrax to match their search campaigns and keywords with online and in-store transactions.


Marketing-technology business Kenshoo was able to integrate the keyword-level conversion data into its platform, which boosted coupon redemptions by optimizing the campaign in real-time through tailored ad copy and better informed bid policies. From these tracking tools, Staples saw a 200% increase in incremental ROI; a 148% redemption increase from first to final week; and over 1.4m total impressions. The company’s marketing team was surprised to find that many customers who received and interacted with the ads online still visited in-store to complete their purchase.

The results of this study help to make the case that increased brand awareness and customization carries incredible value. By offering visitors a personalized incentive, Staples was able to successfully track customers through the buying process across multiple channels. It’s interesting to note that searches with non-branded keywords actually drove the highest average orders, a notion which conflicts with the school of thought that specific keyword phrases are better at producing sales than generic terms. No doubt we will be gleaning further insights from other online retailers who engage in a similar cross-promotional process to better understand their customers’ spending habits online vs. in-store.

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