Despite It’s Value, Most Businesses Ignore Mobile Commerce

Most Retailers Ignore Mobile CommerceCreative Commons LicenseThis work by nobihaya is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Based on a work at Flickr.


As retailers gear up for the 2014 retail season, more than 68% of retailers say that they don’t have any money budgeted to improve their mobile offerings. While these companies largely rank mobile as their largest competitive weakness, most seem content to invest in other endeavors.

Consumers Are Increasingly Channel Agnostic

Thanks in part to aggressive development from online retailers, customers can scan the barcode of a product in-store and search online for a better offer. With companies like amazon offering free 2-day shipping, customers are less loyal to local brands than ever, trading the convenience of same day purchasing for the additional savings online shopping provides.

Despite this, retailers are attempting compete on price instead of against the shipping speed and product availability that digital marketplaces can offers. eBay Enterprice surveyed 1,000 US based retailers, finding an overall lack of urgency when it came to mobile infrastructure, creating an opportunity for new players in the market, such as Amazon.

A Demand For Responsive Design

With the growing popularity of smartphones among consumers, optimizing the shopping experience on mobile devices could prove to be a disruptive force this holiday weekend.

Companies seeking a competitive edge have the opportunity to find it by investing in responsive web design or in dedicated mobile applications. By providing a pleasant digital experience, quick shipping, and an incredible selection, businesses can leverage their mobile shopping experience towards a profitable holiday season.