Holiday Sales Results: Ecommerce Tops $100 Billion

Holiday Sales

The holiday season is officially over, and now the sales results from both retail and eCommerce are coming in. As reported by the National Retail Federation, holiday retail sales (purchases made between November and December) have risen for the third year in a row by a total of 4.0%, up from the 3.8% of 2013 and the 3.0% in 2012. That’s $616.1 billion, up from a little over $600 billion from 2013.

Surprisingly, digital holiday sales on days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving Day, had a slower growth rate than the previous year. The eCommerce sales growth rate was only 6.8%, compared to the 9.3% last year. However, boost was enough to push the total sales to $101.9 billion, up from $95.7 billion from 2013.

Breaking It Down

If we break down eCommerce sales, that’s where it kind of gets interesting. ComScore recounted a greater growth of 15% for US holiday eCommerce sales via desktop only, with total holiday spending at $53.31 billion-up from the $46.55 billion of 2013. Broken down into days, the ones with the greatest year-over-year increases in eCommerce spending were Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, with 32%, 26%, and 17% gains respectively. The smaller percentages for Cyber Monday were most likely due to the shift to mobile sales, where 41% of traffic and 22% of sales on Cyber Monday were coming from smartphones and tablets.

Cyber Monday is still staying true to its namesake as the biggest digital shopping day, with total eCommerce spending at $2.4 billion on desktops alone. The slightly lesser known Green Monday, which this year fell on December 8, 2014, came in second for spending at $1.62 billion. Black Friday followed through with desktop retail eCommerce sales at $1.51 billion.

All in all, this past holiday season was a great one for digital.