Some free/low cost web tracking services that are a must-see!

So I am a big fan of Google Analytics and Trinity Insight is an authorized Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC in analytics circles). Besides offering a great solution at no-cost, Google Analytics made web analytics easy and this was a driver in getting both awareness and usage across mainstream U.S. businesses for web analytics.

The key behind GA is the simplified user interface and speed for which reports render. The system is built in flash, and is a great example of a new technology driving better insights within Internet Marketing.

Well it seems that Google’s efforts, as well as the macro-trends that associate with analytics usage, have led to a run of competitors in the free or low cost analytics/web information space. After taking a closer look at some of these offerings, I thought it would be helpful for our readers to get awareness into what I see as the winners. Most of these companies are using new technologies like flex and ajax to make these apps more slick and fast.

Here are the top three finishers…

Bronze Medal:


Clicky is a analytics tool that is built within AJAX and unlike Google Analytics, the web data is presented in real time. This is a great way to help protect versus site outages, versus seeing it 8 hours later with GA.

Clicky also provides much more detailed metrics relating to user behavior as it happens. The system shows what visitors are in your site, from what country, and how they found you, but in an individual presentation. This type of information is similar to what a business can extract within certain live chat offerings.

The report offerings are much less sophisticated than Google Analytics, but for a CEO type, the offering is easier to navigate with the simplistic links at the top of a browser. Last but certainly not least is the fact that the API vault is open with Clicky and companies can create their own cool applications with this data.

Silver Medal:


If you are in Search then this is something you should check out. One of the hardest things to do within SEO is properly evaluate current positioning across multiple keyword themes and be able to FORECAST where a theme is headed.

Similar to the stock market, where trend analysis using moving averages is vital to assessments, Enquisite offers toolsets to gain moving averages within SEO targets. You can export your search data and do this is in Excel, but hey who really has the time for that?

Also cool within Enquisite is the PPC Assurance offering that allows paid search advertisers to assess fraud and other errors within PPC. Any experienced paid search marketer will tell you that if you go to a search engine with a legitimate complaint about click fraud or mis-calculations, and can back it up with data, then you have a great shot at getting a refund on those clicks. Use this software to do this for you.

Gold Medal Winner:

Crazy Egg

Very innovative. Essentially Crazy Egg provides free heat map type tools to understand click distribution for usability questions.

Varied heat maps exist in the analytics space. GA’s “overlay” leaves some things to be desired and Omniture’s plug-in based model that integrates with Site Catalyst has not always been the most effective as well.

Crazy Egg provides a solution to run in parallel with either Omniture or Google Analytics. Offering a free and paid versions, Crazy Egg provides click data in overlay, list, heatmap, and confetti (?) form.

Ok, I’m with you that the sword election of confetti might be a weird choice by the Crazy Egg management team, but you need to see how this interactive application works! Essentially all clicks show up on the analyzed page in the way of colors, and these colors map to an incoming traffic parameter (ex. Direct or Google). This can be clicked on or off by an analyst.

This provides great insight into how varied channels are performing as it relates to individual page click tendencies. This type of information is critical for your landing page tests in PPC and Email.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Football season is right around the corner!

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