Organic Search Drives More Web Traffic & Sales For Retailers Than Any Other Source

organic searchOrganic search accounted for the majority of web traffic and sales for retailers during June and July of this year, according to a recent global survey by BrightEdge. Trumping social media, display, email, and paid search, such natural inquiries contributed to 42 percent of web traffic and 40 percent of revenue for eCommerce sites.

Consumers tend to put the most trust in their own judgment when it comes to searches across all sectors. The report, which studied online trends in business services, technology, hospitality, and media and entertainment websites, showed 51 percent of all website traffic referrals stemmed from organic search.

Display, email and referred search provided a slight following for retailers, hovering around 30 percent for both traffic and sales. Least successful of all, retailers’ social media efforts made for a meager 2 percent of website traffic and only 1 percent of revenue. But don’t deactivate your Facebook just yet.

SearchMetrics’ 2014 SEO Report revealed that social media engagement can seriously impact where you land in Google searches, with comments, shares and likes all granting a boost. And a rise in ranking puts you that much closer to the top of all those organic searches.