New Study Uses Heatmaps to Understand Searcher Behavior

Heat Maps And User Visibility

Google is always upping their game, the ante and their stance on innovation — always moving forward. That means the industries surrounding the brand must stay up to date, aligned with Google’s output.


Mobile Browsing Impacts User Desktop Behavior

The Canadian digital media company Meditate has conducted a SERP study that sheds new light on consumer search behavior and the importance of SERP positioning. Through visual heatmap technology, Meditative’s researchers have discovered some new data that could be useful to SEOs, bloggers, e-retailers and a whole slew of other internet purveyors. In contrast with a 2005 SERP study, some new information has unearthed as the digital landscape has developed.

For example, remember the old Golden Triangle? That perfect box of SERP viewership at the top left corner? Well, it seems that with the advent of vertically-constructed smartphones, users are more apt to mobilize and scan a page from top to bottom. Similarly, it seems that searchers are scrolling further down the SERP page in general.


Rank Might Matter Less, But It Still Matters

Here are some more important takeaways from Meditative’s recent Google SERP study.

  • Because top organic results have been banished from the upper left and shoved down below ad links, searchers are scrolling down, looking elsewhere to find them.
  • Google searchers are viewing more results in a single session than ever before. But, on the other hand, the bounce rate from each one has increased. Perhaps consumers are shopping around for the perfect price point, the ideal shipping fee?
  • That in mind, it makes sense that lower positioning isn’t necessarily a bad thing anymore. Links at 2 and 4 are receiving higher click through rates.
  • Back in 2005, searchers spent about 2 seconds looking at each SERP listing, today it’s been whittled down to approximately 1.17 seconds.
  • Regardless of all new updates and algorithm changes Google has spawned through the years, Meditative retains that the very first organic listing still receives the most click activity (32.8%) of anything else on the entire page.

The study, “The Evolution of Google’s Search Results Pages & Effects on User Behaviour,” is a much-needed industry update for SEOs and Search Engine Marketers. With driving data points and countless real-life applications, it has dramatically shed new insights into search. To download a copy of your own, go here.