67% of all Click-Throughs Occur in First 5 Links of SERPs

Turns out, there is some truth to the old SEO joke that goes, “The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google.” In July 2014, Advanced Web Ranking measured and compared the click-through rates from the Webmaster Tools search queries reports of large client accounts. Their findings were presented at SMX East and included data on CTR as they pertain to mobile, branded, non-branded queries and more. However, the most significant discovery reported was that that pages two and three of the SERPs received only a measly 5.59% of all click-throughs.

Though search engines are powerful enough to deliver hundreds of millions of hits for short and long-tail queries, users are only interested in the first few results to pop up. In fact, while an average of 71.33% of clicks were of organic results from page one, 67.60% were click-throughs to the first five links listed. If only some 3% of clicks were to pages in positions 6 through 10, you have to wonder at how many or how few impressions your brand or clients are receiving when ranking below the fold – or worse, on page two. In years past, these positions might have been lauded. But now we’re left to wonder: if a URL ranks on page four of the SERPs, and no one is around to view it, does it have any impact at all?

Click-through-rate by exact position