Multi-Channel eCommerce Optimization

In the age of mobile technology, increasing amounts of individuals are using their phones to compare prices and research a product before they buy it in store. According to the article “US Cross-Channel Sales to Grow as More Consumers Use Their Phones for Research in Retail Stores“, retailers are seeing consumers reviewing products in store and purchasing these items at a rate that is four times larger than online sales alone. This is due to cross-channel sales, which happen when a consumer hears or reads about something on a medium such as digital media, and then makes the purchase somewhere else.

In a previous post titled, “The Boardroom Question: Apps Versus Mobile Browsers” we highlighted the importance of apps and how retailers need to create them in order to stay competitive with mobile. If a retailer expects someone to purchase an item in their store, they must make the user experience more dynamic and fit the needs of the consumer. They can do this by creating an app that will allow them to purchase online, as well as provide a platform to compare prices, check inventory, and observe reviews. Retailers can also provide their employees with a mobile platform in store, similar to Apple, that can make purchases on the spot instead of making an individual stand in line.