Clothing Brand Carter’s Shows the Momentousness of International eCommerce

Carter’s Inc. reported in their quarterly report that over 40% of total eCommerce sales are from international shoppers, with the majority residing in Brazil and China. CEO Michael Casaey went on to say that last quarter, Q2, online demand has almost tripled in China. Carter’s now fills orders to nearly 80 countries worldwide.

As marketers, what can we learn from this report?

First, we need to make sure our site is accessible internationally. By limiting ourselves to only shipping domestically, we may be losing out on a tremendous amount of profits. As evidenced by the report, Asia and South America are two of the fastest growing online markets.

Furthermore, simply having the site accessible worldwide is not enough. We need to ensure user experience is just as easy for potential customers across the seas as it is here. One way of doing this is to create a new site for a specific geographic market. For example, Carter’s has launched for the convenience of Canadian shoppers.

In regards to the upcoming future of their online marketing plans, Casey says, “We’re leveraging our expanded eCommerce capabilities to reach more consumers and engage them more effectively.” It would be wise for all eCommerce marketers to start thinking about how they will do the same with their target international markets.