Rising Trends of Digital Marketing


The internet marketing landscape is in a constant state of flux. And in many ways this makes the industry attractive and challenging for its purveyors, influencers and consumers. But there must be a man on watch, someone to gauge the winds and guide the sails. Renowned internet analyst, Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital Markets, is the answer. During his speech at Ad Age’s Digital Conference San Francisco, Mahaney outlined several important predictions about online marketing.

In his address to like-minded e-commerce marketers and marketing professionals like Mahaney touched on ideas that seem at once like logical progressions of the field, and others that would sound like pure sci-fi just a decade ago. Outlined below are some of the highlights, but for the full-on Mark Mahaney experience, visit the Ad Age article here.

1) Mobile has officially crossed the threshold from ‘trend’ into “material”. Accounting for more and more e-commerce traffic and revenue, mobile will only continue to grow in the future. Similarly, Mahaney predicts a bright future for mobile-based companies, such as Pandora, Spotify and Uber. Don’t be surprised to see many more continue to pop up.

2) A brand will not succeed without a social media presence. It just won’t — there are too many valuable opportunities for expansion and brand storytelling there.

3) Same day delivery is a game-changer. From groceries (think Amazon Pantry), books and electronics to clothes and any other CPGs, Mahaney believes the new system will completely alter the way consumers shop online. In an age of instant gratification, what more could we ask for?

4) Self-Realized Robots. Just kidding — but Mahaney does see healthy growth in the “internet of things” (Google Glass; Apple Watch) market.