Third-Party Software Worth the Investment

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Who doesn’t love making their job easier? Paid search marketers who already have a lot on their plates, take note; Third-party campaign management platforms are officially a must-have, and Bing has proof.

While many marketers are already aware how beneficial third-party management software from companies like Marin Software, Kenshoo, and Acquisio are, Bing has recently collected the data to prove it-and the numbers are still pretty surprising.

The study collected accumulated campaign performance of over 5,500 accounts from the Yahoo Bing network, and discovered that those accounts who used third-party campaign and bid management platforms received an average of 123% more clicks, 58% better click-through rates, and cost-per-click inefficiencies were up to 7% lower.

It was also discovered that those companies that used these third party tools were much more likely to frequently optimize their campaigns and manage more keywords. Bing said that 62% of accounts that used outside party tools were likely to optimize their campaigns at least twice a week, compared to the 35% of accounts that don’t employ outside party tools. Those that used third-party campaign management tools were also found to have three times the number of keywords under management, with over 24,000 keywords managed by outside-party tool users, versus the almost 9,000 keywords managed by non-outside-party tool users.

These positive results also held true in the Verticals, with all major ones receiving a higher click-through rate when they used a campaign management tool, and all verticals-minus ‘Auto’ and ‘Technology & Telco’-reported more clicks for a lower cost.

The take-away from this Bing study is pretty obvious: third-party campaign management software allows marketers to more easily and efficiently manage their search advertising campaigns and therefore achieve more site visits at a lower cost. These tools also drive increased scalability and performance through automated work flows, channel attribution, and more.

It almost seems silly for marketers to not employ the use of third-party campaign management platforms in their search adverting campaigns.