Nail Down Your Marketing Budget Through Audience Segmentation

It’s very important to note that digital spend is expected to rise significantly in 2015. Specifically, areas like content development, organic search and social media should see the sharpest increase. On the other hand, according to the Econsultancy Marketing Budgets 2014 Report, 15% of brands intend to decrease their Paid Search and Online Media investments. One of the largest problems facing a content-driven, socially-minded marketing strategy is measurement — naturally, these strategies don’t lend themselves to hard-boiled conversion numbers.

This is an interesting shift in the landscape that should prove integral to the way budgets are assessed through 2015. Now let’s take a look at how audience segmentation could play a likewise notable role.

Think About Individual Impact

Interestingly — though not altogether surprisingly — just few content creators and contributors hold the key to influencing a large majority of your target audience. In fact, the Econsultancy study found that 3% of individuals draw 90% of the impact. That’s somewhat astounding. But that data point goes hand-in-hand with another, less bombastic one: most of the target audience only engages within a small circle of family and friends. Beyond that, their impact is minuscule.

Find and Award Your Target Audience’s Influencers

These individuals can be a great benefit to your brand because their opinions and perspectives hold weight among other like-minded consumers. With a single blog post or social update, these influencers can sway your target audience one way or another. Building relationships with these people will 1) increase your online presence for the better, and 2) strengthen your brand’s consumer values and tighten your relationship with them.

Get a Grasp on Social Media

For users and brands, social media has become pretty much ubiquitous in our everyday lives. From feature films with Twitter hashtag campaigns to local delis with Instagram accounts and targeted Facebook ads, social platforms have been a bastion of marketing for years. And chances are your target audience is socially present. Find your niche and make the strides to champion your brand; it’ll pay off. Though it’s impossible to measure conversion through social channels, it is possible to measure engagement, reach and interaction.