Mobile Search Ad Spending To Outweigh Desktop

The statistics should come as no surprise. With all the couch-side confrontations and dinner table debates that are settled with one quick swipe of a lock screen and even quicker Google search, increased investment in on-the-go ads isn’t quite an unexpected outcome.

Mobile is set to surpass desktop and laptop queries in 2015, and its dominance will only skyrocket over the next three years, according to new projections in eMarketer’s “Key Digital Trends for 2015: What’s in Store-and Not in Store-for the Coming Year” report.

After mobile search ad spending nearly doubled from 2013 to 2014, the trend is only continuing upwards. This coming year, the numbers will show mobile accounting for 50.1 percent of all digital search ad spending.

The pattern isn’t the most profitable, however. Mobile conversion rates vary greatly across industries, and desktop search return on investment (ROI) still outpaces that on smartphones and tablets. Mobile search ROI is growing, yet the rate is still difficult to quantify as a precise means of measuring how phone searches affect sales in brick-and-mortar locations has yet to arise.

Regardless, prioritizing mobile is a must for 2015 and beyond if you want to stay in front of customers’ eyes. 2014 has proven to be one of the most mobile-centric years to date, with new marketing challenges, Google updates and consumer behavior all demonstrating that customers are keeping a firm grip on their handheld devices.

Throughout the past 12 months, consumers revealed an aversion to current mobile layouts, with 53 percent of participants in a Forrester Research report saying they prefer to complete purchases on a desktop for its more familiar functionality. On the search engine side of things, 2014 brought a mobile-friendly Google ranking factor, with elements like font size and on-page link placement influencing sites’ status in SERPs. Luckily, efficient solutions to such uninviting sites, like responsive design, also followed, making the year of mobile one full of major impacts on all fronts.

Even if you’re one of the 68 percent of retailers who left mobile improvements out of their budgets in 2014, there is still time to make a big splash on the small screen for the coming year.

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