iBeacon: Coming to a Lord &Taylor Near You


Will this holiday shopping season be the season of the iBeacon? With retailers such as Macy’s and Urban Outfitters expanding their usage of iBeacon technology, Lord & Taylor is tired of testing the waters and plans to make a commitment.

After a recent and extremely successful iBeacon trail of 10 Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay stores over the summer, Hudson’s Bay Co. will be expanding to all 50 of their US Lord & Taylor stores, and 90 of their Canadian Hudson’s Bay stores-all by the end of November, and just in time for the holiday shopping season.


Unlike Macy’s who uses Shopkick, Hudson’s Bay Co. is going with mobile marketing platform, Swirl, in order to deliver their messages to shoppers inside the store via other third-party apps such as SnipSnap.

Beacon messages will include things like style tips, exclusive content, and specialized coupons. Users will be sent messages from anywhere between six and eight beacon experiences that Hudson’s Bay Co. will be building into their stores. However, customers will only receive a maximum of three alerts per shopper so as not to overwhelm or annoy them with the messages.

Brands & Apps

The retailer will be partnering with many brands such as Michael Kors for the editorial and promotional content. When shoppers are near a specific area of the store-like the handbag department for example- the brands will send out a beacon message to users.

Hudson’s Bay Co. stores that already have the iBeacon experience are currently only using five different third-party apps to deliver messages regarding coupons and content, with the apps having anywhere between three and 70 million downloads. However, the retailer plans to add on three additional apps that each have over 50 million downloads, greatly expanding the reach of the retailer’s messages.

Getting it Right

Hudson’s Bay Co. is definitely trying to do things right with these new iBeacons. During the trial the company experimented with sending a mystery coupon to shoppers who were in the areas outside of the store that only revealed itself once the shoppers stepped inside.The retailer also started allowing users of the mobile app Pounce to purchase directly through a print ad by using bitcoins. Learn more at https://de.thebitcoinscode.com/ to see how it works. The company is currently researching into welcoming other players such as veridium.io, litecoin and etherium into their registers as well.

With many retailers jumping on the bandwagon, Hudson’s Bay Co. knows how important it is to get the in-store beacon shopping right. Through offering a compelling and engaging experience for users, Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay seem to be doing it right.