3 Mobile Moves to Make Now to Boost Conversions

It’s obvious mobile users are a market not to be missed. You’ve seen them buried in their phones, blocking subway platforms and holding up the line at your favorite café. Take it as a compliment. They may be checking out your site. According to Comscore data, 44% of the time that consumers spend perusing your site is spent on a mobile device. As a Custora survey illustrates, the 2013 holiday season showed 30% of ecommerce sales occurring through mobile devices – up from 20% in 2012 – so now’s the perfect time to shake up your cell strategies. Take advantage of those distracted eyes and focus on these three areas.

Optimize For Local Search

local mobile conversionsComscore reports that nearly 80% of searches for local business information lead to a conversion. That outranks laptop, PC and tablet local search conversions by more than 10 percent. The logic is simple: You find yourself in the middle of Philadelphia and in urgent need of a stuffed Philly Phanatic toy. You pull out your phone and do a local search for the plush mascot and head right over to the nearest retailer to take one home. As a mobile user, you are already on the go, ready to make a purchase and less likely to stand around researching different options. Local businesses can benefit from playing up local keywords as well as designing a responsive, easy-to-use mobile site.

Focus On Mobile Sites Over Apps

Although nearly half of 2014’s mobile sales by Mobile 500 companies are expected to originate in apps, according to Internet Retailer’s 2015 Mobile 500 report, users would much rather make their purchases through a website. Mobile websites beat out apps with 67% of consumers preferring to shop through their browsers, as a study by Burke, Inc. found. For mobile shoppers, who are ultimately looking for most bang for their buck, opening up an app is just another obstacle in the bargain hunt. Make your mobile site intuitive and easy to use and you’ll guide customers right to the checkout lane.

Don’t Cut Out Coupons

Just because coupon organizers will soon be museum-worthy, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the dominance of the discount. Unsurprisingly, mobile shoppers, like everyone else, love coupons. Key Ring reports that 75 % of mobile users are clipping their digital coupons, meaning offering such discounts is a great way to bring in new customers.