Top Digital Trends: CX and Personalization Lead

When it comes to digital marketing trends in the New Year, it looks as if things are going to be getting pretty personal for customers.

According the latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing from Econsultancy and Adobe, which is based on a global survey of over 6,000 different marketers and internet professionals, it looks as if customer experience (CX) and making marketing more personal are going to be many marketers top priorities.


Customer Experience

When asked what the primary way their company would seek to differentiate itself from competitors, 44% of marketers responded that customer experience and service would be their main focus for a strategy to stand out from the rest.

This takes the lead by quite a few points, with product/service quality coming in second at 28%, product/service choice at 9%, making mobile a priority and convenience are both at 7%, and price come in last at 5%.

For many companies, making CX a priority and motivating a CX-friendly culture will require a lot of realignment of goals and thinking from various departments-a challenge that will be difficult to tackle, but that they believe will ultimately be worth it in the long run.

Some suggestions for ways that a company can refine their culture to be more customer centric? Encouraging a cross-team approach, motivating through incentives, and nurturing experimentation, and being understanding that negative outcomes will happen top the list.

The survey also found that 22% of marketers ranked CX as the most exciting prospect, putting it ahead of some other areas such as mobile, content marketing, personalization, and big data.



During the survey, marketers were asked “which three digital-related areas are the top priorities for your organization” and targeting and personalization ranked highest at 30%. Content optimization and social media engagement came in a close second and third with 29% and 27% respectively.

Personalization, specifically in content and marketing messages, have a greater impact on customers and a Conversion Rate Optimization Report by Econsultancy and Redeye stated that respondents who implemented personalization into their marketing strategies saw benefits. Thirty-two percent of companies said they saw a “major uplift” in their search engine marketing conversion rates.

Personalization is expected to be an aspect of the whole customer journey-rather than just one particular facet of marketing-and 38% of marketers agreed that omni-channel personalization will be a priority in 2015.


Other Findings

Besides CX and Personalization being priorities for marketers this year, the report found a few other things worth mentioning. Almost 60% of those surveyed said that they believe cross-channel marketing will be a key focus for them during the year.

As far as digital goes, 69% of marketers said that their companies will be experimenting heavily in it during 2015, which is up from the 64% of last year.

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