Yahoo and Index Tools

For those who are not aware, Yahoo! recently purchased a company called Index Tools. Index Tools was a not well known, but very viable provider, or web analytic and bid management solutions. The acquisition though has been extremely quiet as the businesses have not issued any type of release that outlines next steps in terms of a public rollout.

Being that web analytics consulting is one of our most prominent offerings within Trinity, this is a decision that we are anxiously awaiting. Index Tools is a great platform and provides some key differences versus Google Analytics.

First, I love the drag and drop interface for customizing reports. This is a intuitive time saver. Second, unlike google analytics, you can apply filters dynamically within the report you are viewing (similar to Omniture) and do not have to set them up at a central location.

Next, their overlay tool is superior to GA. You can actually take a section of a webpage that you want to assess and drill down into the datapoints within that section. Also, there are many more metrics to segment by within the overlay data.

Lastly, Index Tools allows for the integration of multiple segments at once. And again, similar to the segmentation features, this is all done in a drag and drop interface.

Hopefully, Yahoo releases this product for free. If so, Google Analytics is going to be playing catch up immediately. More realistic in my mind though, is a scenario in which you have to meet a certain spend level within Yahoo search marketing to get it for free and if not, a user would pay a monthly or annual fee.

If you havent checked out Index Tools, I highly recommend it.