New Tag Manager Tools from Google Analytics

Google Analytics

More new things from Google, but this time the update is on their Analytics function. For those who use Tag Manager in Google Analytics, you can expect a new set of tools that allow you to access new APIs and third party templates, and an updated user interface.


The new API will let users personalize their infrastructure and better handle bulk user access. Managers have the option of building a completely new set of tools or integrate them into an already existing workflow in order to customize their experience. The Tag Manager API will also let managers set up multiple permissions for many users all at once, or users can set up role-based permission where the API decides who is granted access to what information based on their part in the company. Some speculate that the new Google Tag Manager API will allow marketing teams to move faster because it will give quicker results. Teams can make decisions about whether or not a strategy has worked, in a matter of weeks versus the months it used to take.

Third- Party Templates

The third-party templates will be coming from providers such as AdRoll, Marin, ComScore and Criteo. When users create a new tag, they will have the option to choose from a list of new third-parties to quicken the process and offer better options. If you wish to add a tag that isn’t already there, the new Tag Manager lets users insert a custom HTML tag of your choosing.

Updated User Interface

The final update is a new user interface that is more similar to Google AdWords. The goal of this was to make it more intuitive and easier to use for those outside of the tech-world. Updates to the user interface include a simplified and cleaner version of the default workflow, instant search and autocomplete for easy access of anything currently in your Tag Managers containers, and new keyboard shortcuts to speed up the whole process.