Google Optimizer & Analytics Enhancements

So last week, Trinity Insight was visiting Google at their Mountanview headquarters for the yearly summit that takes place with authorized partners within the analytics and optimizer products.

Always a great time full of learning, including progressive discussions into how businesses can maximize their web properties through conversion optimization.

While there, we got a glimpse of some of the new developments with these products. Recently announced at this week’s eMetrics conference are enhancements to both Website Optimizer and Google Analytics that further close the gap between Google’s offerings and other paid solutions.

These new developments make these solutions even more useful to marketers and technology teams across the globe.

First let’s discuss website optimizer. For those who are not familiar with website optimizer, it is Google’s free tool that allows webmaster to conduct both multivariate and AB Testing in efforts to improve conversion rates. Two primary enhancements were announced.

An API for website optimizer

One of Website Optimizer’s previous limitations was the difficulty that sometimes arose in tagging creative and text within content management systems. Users, after monitoring and completing tests, had to re-tag pages and jump through seemingly un-necessary hoops in order to conduct follow up testing.

Google identified this as an issue and created an API for the Optimizer product. This will allow tests to be conducted without having to add the JavaScript snippets for each test that is conducted. This is a great development within the area of conversion optimization and should help businesses in embracing the culture and mindset of testing.

Right now only two CMS platforms have completed the integration. One is Crown Peak and the other is Motivity. I am sure that Google is already in discussions with other shopping cart and CMS vendors, and I believe that the open source community is developing ways to integrate leading tools like eCommerce platform provider Magento and content management systems like Joomla.

Still many technical issues to figure out, but the premise of non-tagging based testing is an exciting development within the eBusiness marketplace.

Over Time Charting

Not as big a development as the API, but this enhancement is something that will help marketers in assessing test trends over a period of time. Previously, reporting data within the Optimizer back-end was limited to an aggregate of data.

With this enhancement, you can see how the conversion rate fluctuates over a unique date period. This functionality seems great for media sites, where users return daily, to assess how new design approaches are embraced on subsequent visits.

Google Analytics, not to to be undone by it’s sister product, also enhanced their product. Let’s look at the biggest enhancement.

Google Analytics Intelligence

A great stride in the product allows web analysts to be essentially alerted by their analytics system when certain key metrics fall or rise above key thresholds. This type of functionality is going to be great in helping users identify problems with the site or marketing efforts before the problem becomes a crisis.

Some interesting things you can do within this is to define your alert sensitivity. This allows a marketer to be able to structure their exact notification preferences for the metrics that matter to them and get their notifications in a manner that will impact business decisions.

That’s what these tools are all about: Getting the right data in order to make proper business decisions. Sometimes I think that message gets lost in the clutter and complexity of site optimization. These tools will not optimize the site themselves, but rather provide the insights and data points to empower someone to do so.

Great to see these enhancements and these new functionality sets make the Google products even more of a player when a business is looking for a online testing and web analytics platform.

If you want to speak to Trinity Insight about web analytics consulting and how it can impact your marketing and site efforts, please contact us!