Facebook Announces New Cross-Device Tracking Tool


9386166498_db00d1357c_zFacebook has recently announced a new tool that will help marketers track consumer behavior over multiple devices so proper attribution can be set to marketing campaigns.

Often, a consumer will see an ad on their cell phone and then later purchase that product on either their tablet or desktop. This new reporting will allow marketers to measure those ads despite not leading to a purchase right away.

According to a study by the Altimeter Group, 60% of U.S. online adults use at least two devices every day, and of those people, 40% have admitted to starting an activity on one and finishing on another.

This is great news for marketers because it means that we will now have a clearer picture of the return on our social media advertising investment. And, it helps us understand the behavior of our customers as it relates to cross-device and cross-platform media consumption.