Data-Driven Marketing Fuels Analytics Trends

Marketers Prefer Data-Driven Reports

Econsultancy’s latest case study is calling it: data-driven marketing and content personalization are the insights that marketing professionals are most interested in receiving.

Businesses are fixated on getting to know their customers and visitors better – their demographics, behavior on and off the website – in order to retain a loyal consumer base. Just as Facebook is now treating users to personalized advertisements of products recently viewed, marketers want to tailor the online experience to better fit visitor’s needs, whether it’s their first or hundredth time on the site.

If you’re in the analytics business, Econsultancy’s report highlights these two areas as weak points to be further strengthened and developed. The primary goal of marketers today is to be able to track consumer behavior across different devices and channels; and secondly, to glean insights on personalization and targeting.




Personalized Content Improves Conversion

Personalization can play a huge role in ROI, as 63% of respondents of Experian Data Quality’s 2014 survey reported that cross-sell/upsell offers were the top processes improved by personalization. The use of consumer data to enhance content personalization also had a similarly positive effect on loyalty offers, brand integrity and internal routing.

Those who can jump the hurdle of delivering accurate and timely data to clients will find themselves far ahead of the game, as this is one of the biggest challenges marketers and data management professionals face. However, the endeavor offers plenty of rewards: according to poll from June, cross and up selling have increased industry-wide by almost 70%. If you’re looking to become indispensable to your client’s digital marketing efforts, customization and data-driven analytics are what’s currently trending.