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Overwhelmed by eCommerce Goals and Demands?

Our team works as an extension of yours, using data and our human capital to drive optimization and growth processes. Trinity is an authorized Google Analytics Partner (since 2007) and an authorized Google AdWords and Bing Advertising Partner. Trinity is an INC 5000 company since 2014.

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Our Team

Founder & CEO

Craig Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Nate Ende

VP. Client Success

Jeremy Weis

Director of Growth

Pete Krystopa

Director of Platform Services

Kyle Kuster

SEO Director

Bill Rowland

Data Analyst

Paul Kohner

Director of Data Serivces

Craig Ferson

Director of Email Marketing

Brandon Threinen

Associate Director of UX

Sadie Saurdiff

Lead Account Analyst

Tim Oesterlin

Director of Accounts

Travis Seeger

SEO Manager

Jessica Herbine

Creative Director

Molly Hinrichsen

Project Manager

Lisa Spitz

Account Analyst

Aaron McKinney

Senior UX Designer

Luke Sanneman

Integration Engineer

Mike Arends

Senior UX Designer

Nolan Zenker

Marketing Analyst

Lindsey Bressel

Lead Integration Engineer

Sam Hemann

Senior SEO Associate

Jay Mattison

SEO Associate

Matthew Vernot

Senior Solution Engineer

Brian Pederson

SEO Associate

Brandon Morley

SEO Associate

Carolyn Marks

Solution Engineer

Kate Brothern

Solution Engineer

Chelsey Riewer

UX Designer

Reagan Johnson

Account Analysis

Eric Ferson

Creative Coordinator

Margo Matson

Data Integration Engineer

Noah Johnson

Office Security


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