TI Quick Hits – 12/11/13

By Craig Smith

Google debuts Google Plus Ads

Google is now using its social network for revenue.  Instead of integrating ads within its stream content, the network is allowing brands to re-purpose created content within the Google network  to gain market exposure.



Social activities trump all else on desktop and phones

A new study shows the true power of social as it continues to dwarf other browsing channels in time and engagement.



Google provides a checklist for mobile website improvement

In a helpful and friendly new article, Google provides explicit and concrete details into how website owners can make their mobile sites better.  With recent developments showing that Google’s stance on mobile performance and SEO rankings will be tough, this is content every site owner and marketer should read.



Twitter adds re-targeting to their marketing mix

Twitter adds new capabilities that allow brands to market to users that have interacted to Twitter seed content within third party ad networks.    Taking part in the program are Adara, AdRoll, BlueKai, Chango, DataXu, Dstillery, Lotame, Quantcast, ValueClick and [x+1].


TI Quick Hits – December 5th

By Craig Smith

Webmaster Tools enhances crawl diagnostic capabilities

Within Google webmaster tools, users will now be able to segment crawling errors specific to smartphones.  This will provide webmasters with an additional layer of intelligence when diagnosing existing spider traps and dead zones within a mobile site.



Interesting data comparing November to December YOY in online retail

November 30th-December 1st led the way with a 34% increase over 2012.



Mobile search revenue surges with no end in sight

A new report by Forrester reports that mobile paid search will hit 4 billion by the end of 2013.  How is your business executing PPC on mobile devices?



Mobile coupons and text messaging flourish, daily deals lessened by retailers this holiday season

Omni-channel behavior and purchase patterns leads retailers to put a greater emphasis in mobile engagement.


TI Quick Hits – December 4th

By Craig Smith

Enhancements add to the research value of Google Trends

Google trends provides great data to see fluctuations within a topical category but had certain semantic limitations.  New capabilities enhance data and intelligence for related queries.



Google lead engineer gives details into algorithm changes and webmaster reactions

A google engineer provides a public response to ranking changes experienced by a webmaster.



USPS testing same day service for eCommerce deliveries in NYC and San Francisco

With all the buzz about “same day delivery” in eCommerce, the postal service is piloting new programs to assist retailers in getting packages to customers faster.



China and Asian Pacific eCommerce to exceed North America

With a compound growth rate of 16% until 2018, China is expected to dwarf the U.S. in total eCommerce sales



Google’s entry into the cloud

Google is taking on Microsoft and Amazon head on in the race for cloud supremacy and to power the backbone of the web.


TI quick hits – December 3rd

By Craig Smith

Cyber Monday exceeds expectations

30% of shoppers bought on a smartphone on Cyber Monday.  Amazon experiences 40%+ growth in total online sales and Ebay surpasses 30%. Watch the interview of Shop.org Executive Director discussing the eCommerce trends this holiday season.



SEO clients still see value in the agency relationship

Insights into the client/agency landscape in the SEO arena from SERPS.com, a great discussion with colleagues in the SEO market about value, relationships, and results



Google provides details into site blocking

Temporarily block Google from crawling your site? Yes, this does happen with Robots.txt mishaps.  Great article discussing Google’s stance on this frequent mistake by brands and webmasters.



Luxury brands embracing eCommerce in tandem with offline

Luxury brands are moving to the web faster.  Interesting details from eMarketer in the growth in the intersection of digital and luxury