Google Reveals 2 Major Reasons Why They Might Not Be Crawling Your Site

By Missy Steinberg

  Before you can get your ideal customer’s eyes on your site, you need to get Google’s.  Frequent check-ins by the mega search engine make for a better chance of ranking in results.  However, Google’s crawler, GoogleBot, might be turning a blind eye to even your flashiest of pages if your site is experiencing certain […]

The 3 Types of Bid Management Systems & How They Work

By Jessica Herbine

If bid management software plays a role in your PPC search campaign, you may be wondering how exactly your bid is calculated. David Rodnitzky over at Search Engine Land explains the three forms of bid management you might opt to use in your SEM strategy. Rules-Based Bidding This is considered to be the simplest type of management […]

Data-Driven Marketing Fuels Analytics Trends

By Jessica Herbine

Econsultancy’s latest case study is calling it: data-driven marketing and content personalization are the insights that marketing professionals are most interested in receiving. Businesses are fixated on getting to know their customers and visitors better – their demographics, behavior on and off the website – in order to retain a loyal consumer base. Just as […]

Facebook Announces New Cross-Device Tracking Tool

By Joel Rosen

  Facebook has recently announced a new tool that will help marketers track consumer behavior over multiple devices so proper attribution can be set to marketing campaigns. Often, a consumer will see an ad on their cell phone and then later purchase that product on either their tablet or desktop.  This new reporting will allow […]

Incapsula Security on The Behaviors of Googlebot & Fake Googlebot

By Jessica Herbine

Incapsula Security’s latest report shares insight into the behavior and motives of Googlebot – and while the findings proved to be positive for SEO managers, they were slightly overshadowed by the habits formed by malicious Googlebot imposters, also known as Fake Googlebots.   Here are some of the report’s most noteworthy finds. On Googlebot: Google […]

Google Analytics’ New Bot Filter Helps Clean Up Data

By Yevgeniy Levich

Data integrity is key to being able to use Google Analytics to track the health of your site and make useful conclusions from traffic data. Google Analytics’ new bot filter makes seeing legitimate site traffic simpler. This filter automatically blocks all hits coming from known bots and spiders on the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) fairly […]