Google Analytics’ New Bot Filter Helps Clean Up Data

By Yevgeniy Levich

Data integrity is key to being able to use Google Analytics to track the health of your site and make useful conclusions from traffic data. Google Analytics’ new bot filter makes seeing legitimate site traffic simpler. This filter automatically blocks all hits coming from known bots and spiders on the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) fairly […]

AdWords Updates Its Quality Score Info

By John Nicholson

Dormant for five years, the Google AdWords Quality Score algorithm has just been updated. Last month, Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian unleashed a video on AdWord Auction, AdRank and Quality Score to accompany Google’s new white paper, Setting the (Quality) Score. Here’s what you need to know about it: Most importantly, Google has changed their stance on Quality Score altogether. In […]

The End of Organic Keyword Data in Google Analytics

By Yevgeniy Levich

As several sources are reporting today, it appears that the era of Google Secure Search for everyone is upon us. Google seems to have quietly rolled out a broad spectrum update that encrypts all search data earlier today. You can test this for yourself by navigating to the Google homepage or running a search from […]

Testing for eCommerce | Part 2 – Quantifying Opportunities

By Craig Ferson

In part one of this series, we covered strategies and techniques to identify areas of your site that are prime for testing and optimization.  In this post, we’re taking it a step further to quantify these opportunities.  This allows you to estimate the return gained from improving specific metrics in the relevant progression points that […]