Tracking Phone Conversions: Why Is It Not Being Done?

By Katherine Pietrangelo

With the rise of mobile smart phones and the ability to call a business directly from a search result, you would think that more and more marketers would be using click-to-call ads or other phone targeted marketing to capture that audience. Google recently reported that 70 percent of mobile searchers have called a business or […]

The 3 Types of Bid Management Systems & How They Work

By Jessica Herbine

If bid management software plays a role in your PPC search campaign, you may be wondering how exactly your bid is calculated. David Rodnitzky over at Search Engine Land explains the three forms of bid management you might opt to use in your SEM strategy. Rules-Based Bidding This is considered to be the simplest type of management […]

Staples Campaign Connects Search with In-Store Purchases

By Jessica Herbine

Only seriously adapting to the mobile game in 2012, Staples Canada spent three months tracking the online and offline results of a digital coupon campaign that had an outstanding effect on the chain’s ROI. Using the digital coupon and promotions platform RevTrax, Staples offered consumers $10 off orders of $30 or more at its Copy […]

Google Beefs Up Product Listings

By Jamal Anderson

Countless studies have shown that consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they can see reviews from other buyers. Being able to read opinions from a trusted source validates their acquisitions. Furthermore, more often than not, people decide on what products to study by simply typing a few words into the Google search […]

AdWords Updates Its Quality Score Info

By John Nicholson

Dormant for five years, the Google AdWords Quality Score algorithm has just been updated. Last month, Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian unleashed a video on AdWord Auction, AdRank and Quality Score to accompany Google’s new white paper, Setting the (Quality) Score. Here’s what you need to know about it: Most importantly, Google has changed their stance on Quality Score altogether. In […]

Google Unleashes Dynamic Sitelinks on Your AdWords Campaigns

By Morgan Tombler

While it isn’t breaking news, Google’s sitelinks underneath its paid and organic results have a slew of advantages. The biggest advantage has been definite increases in CTR, which most likely improves your quality score. Additionally, the extra URLs can be used to promote deeper conversion paths past your main landing page. As Google likes to […]