Google Beefs Up Product Listings

By Jamal Anderson

Countless studies have shown that consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they can see reviews from other buyers. Being able to read opinions from a trusted source validates their acquisitions. Furthermore, more often than not, people decide on what products to study by simply typing a few words into the Google search […]

AdWords Updates Its Quality Score Info

By John Nicholson

Dormant for five years, the Google AdWords Quality Score algorithm has just been updated. Last month, Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian unleashed a video on AdWord Auction, AdRank and Quality Score to accompany Google’s new white paper, Setting the (Quality) Score. Here’s what you need to know about it: Most importantly, Google has changed their stance on Quality Score altogether. In […]

Google Unleashes Dynamic Sitelinks on Your AdWords Campaigns

By Morgan Tombler

While it isn’t breaking news, Google’s sitelinks underneath its paid and organic results have a slew of advantages. The biggest advantage has been definite increases in CTR, which most likely improves your quality score. Additionally, the extra URLs can be used to promote deeper conversion paths past your main landing page. As Google likes to […]

Tag management gaining eCommerce penetration

By Craig Smith

Momentum is finally building in the tag management space.  At an accelerated adoption rate, we are receiving requests to consolidate code snippets and simplify campaign management utilizing Google Tag Manager.   In our retail conversations, we are noticing that digital executives are better understanding the benefits of having marketing tags in one central web console […]

Going back in time…with the Google Time Machine

By Craig Smith

So I just stumbled upon this in my online marketing reads for the day.  Here’s an interesting tool that allows you to compare Google results of 2001 to results of today. As it relates to SEO, not really much insight that is derived from the tool.  Potentially, a user can identify sites that were #1 […]

Strip out the brand!

By Craig Smith

PPC advertising can be an effective medium to drive sales – Other times, it can be an absolute albatross around your marketing campaigns due to its unpredictability and ROI spikes. What really drives me nuts however about PPC isnt the medium, but rather, the fly by night PPC only agencies that manage mult-million dollar paid […]