Google Is Prioritizing Mobile, Are You?

By Jason Bauman

Yesterday, Google announced the release of Android 5.0, which they call Lollipop.  While the mobile operating system brings a wealth of new features to the platform, it also marks the first major rollout of Google’s new design language. First unveiled at the search giant’s developer conference, “material design” is their solution to the evolving internet […]

Wearables & Retail Strategy: The Next Big Thing?

By Jason Bauman

At the recent Apple event, Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch, making the Cupertino giant the latest in a growing list of companies investing heavily in wearable computing.  Wearables are “smart” devices that collect or display data without forcing the user to pull out their cellphones. Google Glass, Android Wear, and now Apple Watch hope to push […]

Target Rolls Out New Mobile Applications For The Holidays

By Jason Bauman

In an effort to capture additional holiday sales, Target updated their existing mobile applications and launched a standalone companion app for their pharmacy.  The retail giant hopes to continue it’s mobile growth, particularly among Millennials. Jason Goldberger, the senior VP of said that nearly 2/3 of existing traffic comes from their mobile platforms, and that number […]

Can Augmented Reality Drive Engagement (and Conversion)?

By John Nicholson

While engagement and conversion are two completely separate entities, there’s no doubt one informs the other. And with the advent of mobile marketing and the sharp rise in smartphone conversion (and addiction), brands are coming up with creative ways to keep consumers interested on-the-go and, ideally, make them buy. For brands choosing  to pursue these augmented […]

After Curbside Service Boosts Online Sales, Sears Introduces Product Returns From the Comfort of Your Car

By Missy Steinberg

In acknowledgement of the millions of turtleneck sweaters –  tags still intact – that clutter closets across the country, Sears has made returning and exchanging unwanted items a less time-consuming  and physically laborious process with new additions to their Shop Your Way curbside service. Accessible through and the Shop Your Way app, the feature’s […]

Retailers Hope To Use Beacons To Boost Sales

By Jason Bauman

  Jnxyz Beacons are inexpensive, often battery operated devices that can push content to a customer’s mobile phone using Bluetooth.  Since cellular and GPS strength are often spotty in buildings, a beacon is an excellent way to provide locally relevant advertisements during a typical shopping experience. Maximizing Per-Customer Revenue eMarketer, an analytic company that tracks eCommerce […]