Corporations Use Geofencing to Personalize Shopping Experience

By Jason Reschka

With the continued popularity of mobile usage, corporations are discovering different ways to appeal to multi-channel advertising.  Companies needed to figure out a way where they could reach out to customers when it was most convenient and relevant to them.  This is where ‘geofencing’ comes in. In the article “RetailMeNot deploys geofencing at 180 colleges […]

3 Reasons Your Mobile Conversions are Low

By Jessica Herbine

Unless you’ve got an incredible secret method kept under wraps, chances are good that your mobile retail site’s conversion rate is much lower than that of your desktop and tablet. According to Mobify, you’re in the majority if your mobile store experiences a conversion rate that’s less than 1%! Compare that to the industry standard of 2% for […]

Email Marketing Staying Power

By Joel Rosen

In a new study released by Gigaom, it was found that 86% of marketers still use email marketing regularly. This same June 2014 Q2 research showed that email marketing helps with customer retention significantly more than any other channel. In fact, 56% of those surveyed said that email marketing has helped them achieve their customer […]

Clothing Brand Carter’s Shows the Momentousness of International eCommerce

By Joel Rosen

Carter’s Inc. reported in their quarterly report that over 40% of total eCommerce sales are from international shoppers, with the majority residing in Brazil and China. CEO Michael Casaey went on to say that last quarter, Q2, online demand has almost tripled in China.  Carter’s now fills orders to nearly 80 countries worldwide. As marketers, […]

Multi-Channel eCommerce Optimization

By Jason Reschka

In the age of mobile technology, increasing amounts of individuals are using their phones to compare prices and research a product before they buy it in store.   According to the article “US Cross-Channel Sales to Grow as More Consumers Use Their Phones for Research in Retail Stores”, retailers are seeing consumers reviewing products in store […]

Tag management gaining eCommerce penetration

By Craig Smith

Momentum is finally building in the tag management space.  At an accelerated adoption rate, we are receiving requests to consolidate code snippets and simplify campaign management utilizing Google Tag Manager.   In our retail conversations, we are noticing that digital executives are better understanding the benefits of having marketing tags in one central web console […]