TI Quick Hits – 2/6/14

By Craig Smith

70% of Agencies report client budgets to increase for SEO

Interesting data from SEMPO into the state of search and the goals and trends within agencies and their clients.



Maximizing Valentine’s Day Online

Shop.org releases some tidbits into proper preparation for Valentine’s day online sales.  If you are in the gifting business, this holiday could very well surprise this year from a top line revenue standpoint.



Google cracking down on rich snippet spam

In another defensive move by Google and their search team, the giant is sending out messaging warning webmasters who are mis-using rich snippets and the Schema.org framework within their websites.  If you received this message, its time to clean up your rich snippet deployment.



New speed testing capabilities in the mobile space

WebPageTest now including new technologies to better diagnose speed issues within a mobile environment.


TI Quick Hits – 1/31/14

By Craig Smith

Tactics to improve email open rates

Email marketing when effectively executed can still drive returns that exceed all other marketing channels.  The first challenge is getting consumers to open and this is addressed in a brief by Practical eCommerce.



Enhancements to remarketing features and functions within Google Analytics

Google Analytics is enhancing the structure for how remarketing interacts with their system.   A new UI as well as export capabilities make using the integrated marketing functionality that much more enticing.



The rise of the semantic search listings – Understand the new landscape

Rich snippets and semantic markup are changing the face of the SERP’s.  Get intelligence into how you can prepare for these pending changes and maximize your organic opportunities.



Amazon shares pummeled after earnings miss

Even with holiday dominance, Amazon spending leads to lower profits and the street sells off the retail giant.



Amazon prime may soon get serious price hike

The main catalyst behind recent Amazon growth is getting a major price hike.  How will this affect usage, renewals, and overall customer satisfaction?


TI Quick Hits – 1/30/14

By Craig Smith

New data sheds light into trends and spending within the digital sector

Moz recently released data that was gathered by industry peers within the internet marketing and optimization category.   Some of the more interesting insights is how brands are dealing with the “not provided” issue in measuring organic penetration as well as which tools are most valuable to search marketing professionals in dealing with day to day challenges.



Mobile driving half of Facebook’s overall revenue

Facebook’s shift to mobile is paying off.  The social giant reports that mobile is driving greater than 50% of its overall revenue base.  This story shows how Facebook re-engineered their ad serving model to better capitalize on the shifting trends to mobile devices.



State of Online Retail – Data speaks loudly

Shop.org releases highlights from its annual study, a must read for any eCommerce brand professional.  The highlight could be the immense growth in sales from smartphones as brands are seeing 135% incremental sales in this channel year over year.



Google drops the hammer on French link network

Another link network bites the dust and penalizes its participants.  Google has shown the propensity to go after these networks hard and stop at nothing to eliminate the garbage content and links that these sites construct.



Maximize mobile SEO with Google’s new user agent

Google is retiring the “Googlebot-mobile” crawler and moving in a new direction.  Ensure that your business maximizes this change by reading the scope of the changes below.  The article is best suited for a technology resource, who has control over robot directives that restrict crawling and provide guidance to web crawlers.


TI Quick Hits – 12/19/13

By Craig Smith

How holiday shopping shipping dates affect consumers

Shipping deadlines can be a blessing or a curse to retailers and their operational stress.  Read Shop.org’s perspectives into how these dates affect the retail and eCommerce equation.



Video Ad views have doubled in 2013

Users are becoming more inclined to watch ads within videos, making it a more integral part of the online media mix.  Are you using video ads?



Check out how the world searched in 2013

Google releases their data on the most prominent searches in 2013 – the data may surprise you and clearly shows how “conversational” search is the next big thing to attack in SEO



Matt Cutts from Google “We want to break their spirits”

Interesting statement from the leader of Google’s webspam team into their approach with spammers and how they look to remove them from their index.